Apple Meet the K Vision Pro: price, features, practical information and everything you need to know?

Is Apple’s spatial computing headset worth the price? Can you try it before you buy it?

Apple Vision Pro demo at WWDC 2023

An Apple VR/AR handset has been rumored for over six years, and it’s finally here. Eight months after Apple announced the Vision Pro at WWDCheadset shipping have customers For. The much-awaited headset is meant to take mixed reality experiences to the next level.

Apple has even claimed that the Vision Pro is “the most advanced personal electronic device ever made”.

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Pre-order the device Launched on January 19, and – despite its hefty price tag starting at $3,499 – Apple already sold 200,000 units in the first ten days, as shared with Inside macrumors

Apple Vision Pro headset with battery

Apple Vision Pro with tethered battery pack

How does the Vision Pro look and feel?

The design of the Vision Pro is different from many existing AR/VR headsets. For example, the device has an external battery pack that is similar in size to an iPhone and connects to the headset via a cable.

Therefore, the user will have to keep the battery in their pocket and deal with dangling cables while using the Vision Pro.

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By having a bonded battery system, Apple was able to reduce the weight of the Vision Pro headset to make it significantly lighter than the competition. According to Apple, this should solve the biggest problem with VR headsets: discomfort after prolonged use.

The look of the Vision Pro itself resembles ski goggles, and its curved front features an external screen that allows the wearer’s eyes to see when others approach through a feature called EyeSight.

Apple Vision Pro demo at WWDC 2023

The front of the headset is made of three-dimensionally formed, laminated glass that attaches to a custom aluminum alloy frame. The light seal made of soft fabric and the three-dimensional knitted headband come in several sizes to provide maximum comfort.

The device features two OLED displays that pack a total of 23 million pixels (more than a 4K TV for each eye), Apple S2 chip, 12 cameras, five sensors, six microphones, and the popular voice assistant, Siri. There’s also a brand new R1 chip, which runs parallel to the M2 chip to ensure there’s no lag.

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The headset features two individually amplified drivers inside each audio pad to power personalized spatial audio, which personalizes audio based on the user’s head shape and geometry.

To switch between AR and VR, the headset will have a crown, similar to the Apple Watch. It also has a knob that will allow users to easily customize the fit and a button on the top of the headset for taking photos.

Users will be able to control the headset with eye and hand tracking, a feature that is slowly being adopted by other headsets on the market as well as voice commands. For example, users will be able to pinch to select and flick to scroll.

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The Vision Pro runs on a new Apple operating system, VisionOS, which resembles an iPadOS interface, bringing continuity of Apple’s ecosystem of apps and services to the headset. This operating system was created specifically to support spatial computing.

What can you do with the Vision Pro headset?

The headset is capable of running popular Apple applications, including Books, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Notes, Photos, Safari, and more in mixed reality – a mix of both AR and VR. 600 is also being launched with new apps Designed for headsets including zoom,Microsoft 365, Slack, Todoist, and more.

According to Apple, apps will feel as if they are in your natural location and environment. As a result, moving apps is similar to moving real objects around you. In his hands-on demo article, Jason Heiner shared that by the end of his 30-minute demo, moving objects became second nature.

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“Within five to ten minutes, I was rapidly opening and closing apps, scrolling up and down and right to left, selecting things, and moving apps and windows in front of me,” Hiner said. Was being carried around the place.” “By the end of the demo, I was doing it all without much thinking and with great accuracy and confidence.”

Immersive video is one of the biggest selling points of the device, allowing users to feel as if they are physically present in the location where the video is taking place. For example, with the headset, you can stream a movie and watch it as if it’s playing with immersive spatial audio on a giant screen in another environment like a beach.

Apple Vision Pro demo at WWDC 2023

The Vision Pro headset will also be compatible with existing third-party streaming services to ease continuity between your favorite applications and the headset. For example, users will be able to access disney plus, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Peacock, IMAX and MUBI, to name a few.

You can also take advantage of spatial video to watch your own videos created on your iPhone, and according to Hiner, this experience is one of the headset’s biggest advantages.

“The difference between regular photos and videos and spatial photos and videos is about the same as the leap from black-and-white to color in photos and film – although it may be an even bigger leap,”shared Art.

If you’re interested in using the headset for working purposes, you’re in luck. The headset will be able to serve as a 4K external monitor for a connected Mac by mirroring what’s on your Mac to the AR interface.

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Additionally, FaceTime for Vision Pro will allow videoconferencing in a collaborative environment, which you can use to work with your coworkers on projects at the same time. Tiles of people on the call will be “lifesize” and each person’s audio will come from that person’s tile position, allowing for more natural conversations.

people on the call will seeThe “digital personality” of the Vision Pro wearer, which uses Apple’s machine learning technology to mirror the wearer’s facial and hand movements in real time, according to Apple.

Vision Pro model

To create your personality, the headset scans your face and then creates a realistic model of you that has depth and moves with you to represent you on a FaceTime call. Third-party conferencing apps, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, are also offering enhanced video calling experiences on the app.

VisionPro scans face

How much does Vision Pro cost?

The Vision Pro has a hefty price tag of $3,499 for the base storage model, setting its premium class by choice.meta,HTC, and other manufacturers who have played in the sub-$1,000 range.

Apple is also offering two additional tiers of storage options: a 512GB configuration, which is available at retail price$3,699, and 1TB, which retails for$3,899, The box includes the headset, battery pack, a dual loop band, a cover, a light seal cushion, a polishing cloth, a 0W USB-C power adapter, and a USB‑C charge cable.

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In addition to storage modifications, eyeglass wearers also need to take into account the cost of Zeiss Optical inserts, which range from $99 to $149.

There are also other features you can choose from, like Apple Care+ or accessories like Vision Pro for $499 or $24.99 per month.$199 travel case.

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When is Vision Pro available?

Apple Vision Pro is available for purchase on the Apple website and in stores. Pre-orders for the device began on January 19 and those units began arriving at people’s doorsteps and became available for pickup on February 2.

Can you try the Vision Pro before you buy it?

Yes, you can try out Vision Pro before you buy by booking a one-on-one demo experience with an expert at an Apple Store. You can find the booking link Here, You can also buy Vision Pro, try it yourself, and return it after trying it.

What is the return policy on Apple Vision Pro?

Return Policy on the Vision Pro is the standard return policy just like any other Apple product, you have 14 days to return it if you are not satisfied or if you want to try the product and are ready to send it back Get.

Is the Apple Vision Pro worth the price?

This is a question of three and a half thousand. Ultimately, whether the Apple Vision Pro is right for you depends on your use cases, interests, and needs. To help you decide, Homer wrote two helpful articles:
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Are you pre-ordering the Apple Vision Pro? These 5 questions can help you decide.

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